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The WiPitaka project depends enterily on the contributions made to it. There are numerous ways to help improving the wikis and their value for the people involved and interested in Pāli.


Translate Pāli texts

The most obvious one. The short guideline explains how to do this.

Contribute to existing translations

Whenever you're in doubt about someone's translation, feel free to start a discussion of the page. If you're sure there's a mistake or parts left for translation, don't hesitate to change it. Equally, if you surmise the Pāli source text is corrupted or containing word forms you regard as strange, you can start a discussion of the Pāli page.

Contribute a Pāli text

There is a Pāli sutta you can't wrap your head around? Post it at the WiPitaka and mark it for translation (see the above mentioned guideline). This makes it visible at the Message Groups of the Special Page:Translate. Telling the admin about your text will ensure it is listed at the canon as well and increases the chance for it to be translated soon.


The WiPitaka project is constantly trying to build up more wikis in order to provide translations in as many languages as possible. If you're interested in administrating a wiki (whether already existing or not) and are a native speaker of the respective language, you're welcome to contact the general admin to find out the requirements.

Spread the word

Given that you see a certain value in this project and want to help it becoming popular, please contact the admin. There is surely a way you can help spreading the word about the WiPitaka.

Any other idea?

If you've got another idea considering a way to contribute, the admin would like to here about it!

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